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From The Dean

At the Africa Institute of Public Administration (AIPA) we move leaders, chief executives and senior management team forward. The wave of economics crisis and social complications will hit harder, but the tough, protected and equipped rides on gliding through the wave of the storm like the eagle, soaring towards higher altitude. That is our very essence.
With a world-rate faculty who interpret the pulse of governments worldwide and narrows it to your particular circumstance, we provide knowledge, experience pipeline and the tool-kits that today’s evolving leaders can use to change the trajectory of their performance and create a high impact on their organization and the public service delivery system generally.
We offer an extensive portfolio of leadership programmes and cutting edge solutions that provide multi-level of development in the circumstance of today’s economic conditions for leaders and senior management teams. To prepare you for any organizational challenge, our portfolios offer a wide-range of learning solutions in strategies, leadership, management, finance, monitoring and evaluation, project management, entrepreneurship, women leadership, gender development, local government and a whole lot of courses loaded in our learning suites woven around management of our public systems and institutions.
We underpin our ballroom instructions with real life examples and grill our teachings with the latest explainer videos, case studies, discussions, and white-board sessions, featuring ideas and practical advice for leaders and managers.
Our executive certificate for professional development courses allow you to tighten your hold on your expertise and give you a competitive advantage like no other. These programmes are specifically crafted with curriculum designs that suit our present trends. The faculty is a formidable team of subject-matter experts with global expertise and local mindset.
This year, the Governing Council of the Institute and the Academic Advisory Board have approved some fellowship offers and honorary degree awards in Public Administration in association with our learning partners to only deserving men and women in the region whose track records, experience and performance are impeccable and capable of inspiring others. We hope to reach out to those few who stand out to honor them by inserting the awards into the designed training in our calendar for 2020/21 to add sparks to our learning events.
Welcome on board Africa’s premier Institute for Public Administration, where leaders grow leaders.



Welcome to AIPA

Welcome to AIPA. Where Leaders grow Leaders

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Our upcoming program

The upcoming budget for the Chicago Public Schools will rely on $500 million in yet-to-be-enacted pension savings by Illinois, school officials said on Monday.

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