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The Africa institute of Public Administration (AIPA) is Africa’s executive education platform founded on the ideal philosophy to innovate and improve the practice and development of management, leadership and governance in Africa.

It serves as a network center, connecting and collating leadership experiences of other regional economies and underpinning the lessons for Africa’s growth and advancement.

Located in Accra, ther black race capital city

AIPA stands tall as a new hope to rewire the performance capabilities of professionals and organizations in the region.

The Institute conducts research, surveys, open programmes and short courses on residence and non-residence arrangement, with a view to contribute to growth of creative leadership and governance in the region.

Connecting global perspectives and insights to local circumstances.

We collaborate with other executive education providers, researcg based institutes and learning organizations all over the world in achieving our purpose to accelerate people performance and organizational development

Our partners organization in Nigeria; the Leading Edge Academy is strong and versatile in the business of human infrastructure development, making Nigeria easily our biggest market.

  1. International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in higher Education (INQAAHE), Barcelona
  2. European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA), The Netherlands
  3. International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA), Brussel Belgium
  4. Network of Schools of Public Policy Affairs and Administration, Washington DC, USA
  5. Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities, Stockhon, United Kingdom
  6. International Public Policy Association, France
  7. American Society for Public Administration. Washington DC
  8. International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO).

A Public Administration system implements policies of government at any level. As an academic discipline it studies this implementation and prepares those in government service on how best to run the system to offer the best benefits or advantage to the people. Its goal is to advance management of policies, programmes, projects and the gamut of the public system so that government can optimally function. It is Public Administration system of any country, state, or public organization that translates politics into reality that the citizens see or perceive every day. It includes analysis of government policies, decision making as well as the inputs that is capable of producing alternative policies. Generally speaking the centrality of Public Administration is the organization of the business of government – policies, programmes, projects – the results the system of government produces and the responsibility of the failures which the system also is capable of producing.

The Africa Institute for Public Administration therefore is the continent’s professional education platform founded on the ideal philosophy to offer practical finishing learning solutions to innovate and reshape the operationalization and management of government systems in countries of Africa. Registered in most countries of Africa with trademarked executive learning and Public work-system improvement diets, AIPA serves as a network center connecting, collecting and synchronizing leadership experiences of other regions, underpinning the lessons for growth and advancement of institutions, governments and executives among nations in Africa. Located of Accra, Ghana with offices in most states of Africa, the Institute conducts research and survey regarding policies and the management of public systems in Africa and designs open programmes, short courses, certification programmes and a mix of top-of-the breed knowledge sharing programmes that creatively impact on the Public Administration System and practice in Africa. AIPA collaborates with governments in the region, institutions, research bodies and learning organizations worldwide to bring global best practice and blend a variety of real life cycle, contemporary solutions and comparative experiences into out curriculum designs and delivery options. Our goal is to make management of Public Institutions and organizations in Africa work better, deliver results and think out of the box. We drive insights of how best to manage, lead and govern these institutions for stand-out performances by sharpening the edge of professionals and benchmarking the human capital assets behind the operationalization of the public institutions and system at all levels. We connect and group these professionals into a network of contemporary executives within and amongst African States. Our vision and mission are in alignment with the goals of AU, UN charter and the sustainable development goals.

All our partner learning organizations in and outside of Africa are strong and versatile in the business of developing quality human infrastructure and passionate about changing the story in Africa by constructing a dependable pipeline of leaders, managers and administrators that will fertilize the ground for sector-wide growth in Africa.