AIPA Admissions

The Africa Institute of Public Administration has a reputation for providing quality career training to candidates leading them to membership of the Institute and also they can excel in their chosen area of study. When employers contact AIPA to hire our candidates and members, they have confidence they will get qualified and reliable professionals.

How to Enroll for Membership/Courses/Fellowship/Others.

Each applicant goes through the steps of the admissions process, providing information on curriculum, policies, and specifying the grade of membership he/she is applying for.
All applicants are required to complete a personal information sheet. During our assessment, we will review your career goals to help you find the right program to fit your needs. Every individual will be given the opportunity to tour our course agenda, our short courses and membership categories through the virtual platform.

Apply online now if you’re looking to enroll for AIPA membership, career development course, or fellowship.