AIPA’s Honorary Doctor Degree in Public Administration is conferred to Personalities of repute who overtime have distinguished themselves in important public sector agencies to achieve remarkable heights that have great impact on the society and the world at large.

The Degree is designed to provide business leaders, executives and professionals an opportunity to pursue the next step beyond their MBA or equivalent qualification.

It is a globally recognized and respected honorary award, but distinct in that candidate aggregate experience and theoretical knowledge are the basis for considerations. The goal of the DPA is  to design organizational intervention which help address real-world challenges, and then to evaluate, assess and test the effectiveness of those interventions, and to communicate the findings so that both the world of practice and the world of research can benefit. In this way, DPA candidates generate new knowledge – the ultimate criterion for the award of a Doctoral degree.


The Honorary degree shall be awarded to individuals with exceptional accomplishments. The nominee’s special achievement or contribution to society shall be the fundamental consideration and shall be evaluated without regard to the nominee’s attainment of influential position or financial status.

  1. The nominee shall have gained distinction worthy of recognition extending well beyond his/her own field of endeavor and geographical area of activity.
  2. As long as the nominee clearly meets the criteria, his/her selection shall not be affected by the number of previous similar honors received.
  3. Except on special occasions or unusual circumstances, the number of honorary degree awarded at any given ceremony shall be limited to five.
  4. The honoree must be present to receive the honorary degree.
  5. The honorary degree shall be conferred at one of the institute’s special summits or conference.

The designated representative confers Honorary Degrees. The Institute awards several Honorary Degrees annually. Recipients of Honorary Degrees need not have been educated at or otherwise associated with AIPA. It is suggested that a recommendation that a person be considered for an honorary degree should be submitted in a timely manner.

The eventual conferral of an honorary doctorate degree of the institute’s honoriscausa shall be evidenced by a Testamur issued under the seal of the Institute.

It shall entitle the person on whom it is conferred to membership of Convocation and the right to wear the Academic Gown Approved for that Honorary Award. Moreover, the honoree shall have the right to refer to himself/herself as “doctor” and permit others to do so as well.


  • You shall receive an executive certificate in Public Administration
  • You shall be conferred an Honorary Doctorate degree in Public Administration.