Fellow of the African Institute (FAI)

Fellowships are awarded to persons or members with a record of outstanding achievement and competence in the Administration of Public Systems, Leadership and Management. As a Fellow, you will be internationally recognized both for your professional standing and the contributions you make to the public management profession. Our Fellows have a strong voice in the sector and we encourage all of our senior Members to seek Fellowship status.

Fellow is the highest corporate grade and is only awarded to those who: are 35 years of age or older; have at least 10 years experience in one or more sectors of the Industry, business organizations, or any other field or have held a senior position of responsibility and have already qualified as a Full Member, having demonstrated a record of significant contribution in one or more sectors.


In exceptional circumstances, where the candidate is deemed to merit enrollment and receives a fellowship nomination from The Institute and in attendance for the purpose of granting fellowship. All fellows undergo fellowship induction course and must demonstrate knowledge of the principles and practice of the industry as contained in the fellowship study pack.



Full membership is open to applicants who:

Have had at least three year’s experience in one or more sectors of the business, marketing, commerce, project management, or other industries, or membership of related sectors including at least two years in a position of responsibility at a professional level.


Possess relevant qualifications achieved by examination, such as:
Relevant degree with or without a postgraduate qualification
Relevant national diploma/certificate
AIPA membership assessment


In the absence of formal qualifications, have demonstrated professional knowledge and experience, or in exceptional cases, by the submission of a written paper, which meets the criteria laid down by the institute’s panel of assessors, so appointed for the purpose by the Council.


Be fully employed in a professional capacity.



To provide for those who do not yet qualify for full membership, the Institute offers Associate Membership. Associate Members must be at least 24 years of age, be working and have achieved, or be working towards, a relevant professional qualification.

Other relevant professional / vocational qualifications achieved by examination will be taken into account in assessing the membership.


Membership of AIPA enhances your skills and career opportunities through access to an internationally recognized accreditation, extensive knowledge resources, networking opportunities and professional standards.

Whether embarking on a management career, an experienced manager, leader or administrator or employed by an organization, membership will assist you in your working life and career development.

Our range of membership or fellowship benefits include: 

  • Post-nominal designator letters
  • Access to top academic journals
  • Annual subscription to our magazine and journals
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Discounts on our events and online learning coursesmembership card
  • Newsletters to keep you up to date on sector developments
  • Plus many more!

Our members are dedicated to developing their careers as administrative, management and business leadership professionals. They join not only to improve their skills through CPD, but to network with others and showcase their achievements. They discuss on our social networks, read our magazine, newsletters and help shape contemporary issues in the world of administration management and leadership.

As a member or fellow you can benefit by: 

  • Learning through Professional Development and networking events organized by the Institute;
  • Networking and learning in specialist groups, regional and international working groups
  • Working under an internationally recognized Code of Conduct which provides ethical guidance in dealing with the work system.
  • A comprehensive benefits package is available to members, both individual and within practices, covering items such as training and online support, and various publications.

Certified Public Administrator, CPA®

This is the Institute’s highest level professional certification open to persons of experience and knowledge who desire to earn the prestigious certification recognized in all countries of Africa. The CPA enables you to practice as a public administrator as well as enhance your professionalism at work. It opens doors of opportunities to your career and means that’s you have attained the highest professional advancement in the discipline of Public Administration.

 As a Certified Public Administrator you can benefit by: 

  • Use the Institute post nominal letters of CPA®
  • Participation in initiatives to influence the direction and perception of public administration practice in Africa, which AIPA can do more effectively than individual practices,
  • Projecting Administrative Leadership and Management as a vibrant industry playing a key role in the economy, through media publicity and government advocacy;
  • Confirmation to organization that your Certified Title has the internationally recognized accreditation with the supporting Code of Conduct.
  • Profiling your practice as a leading player in the industry in the AIPA website
  • Use of AIPA logo on your letter-head, publicity material and business cards;
  • Access to AIPA client inquiries as a professional practice
  • Enhancing your practice’s attractiveness to top quality clients by.