Our Approach

Our range of professional development programmes gives our client and update on current developments in good governance, public administration and leading and management public services. We combine briefing and training sessions with practical work, case studies and visits to government departments, local authorities, parliament, the media, and other public sector organizations relevant to your area of interest.



The ALFF mission is to inculcate distinctive pragmatic, universally sound leadership and management principles in our clientele, chief executive officers, top government functionaries, decision ad policy prescribers, to enable them contend effectively and successfully in the ever dynamic global environment. It is a forum where leaders learn from leaders.

Our fellowship offers to very distinguished who have remarkable qualities in leadership and management.



HOWAA is AIPA’s annual awards programme. It celebrates and promotes the positive image of individuals for their outstanding achievements, leadership qualities and contributions in government, health, ICT, business and societal growth in the African Continent

Why Choose Us

Our curriculum plan reflects the local need of government and business, therefore each of our training engagements contains capstones of local solutions, sprinkled with international perspective, insights and lessons for institutional improvement. We take you through a distance and bring you back home fortified, challenged and inspired.

This is our story…


We are continually developing our services tailored to our client’s exact needs as well as new initiatives to meet their staff development requirements.

AIPA promotes organizational achievement, corporate growth institutional work-systems performance by providing the specific knowledge, skills and resources needed to achieve our client’s target.

This we achieve through our formidable, experienced and dynamic resource teams drawn from various faculties and our affiliation with other local and international training organizations.

You Can Trust Our…

EXPERTISE – In good governance, public sector reform and capacity building internationally

SPECIALIST SKILLS – In a wide range of technical areas.

GOOD APPRECIATION – Of different political conditions, cultures and economic constraints affecting reforms.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CAPACITY BUILDING – Of counterparts through mentoring, coaching, practical workshops and training sessions.

SKILLED AT ADAPTING EXPERIENCES – From other countries to fit local needs.

VALUE FOR MONEY – First class resource faculty, efficient and effective working practices.

OUR STAFF – Friendly, efficient and helpful.