Since 2010, AIPA has been the continent’s most respected institute providing professional education and excellence in the public service arena of Africa. It is an advocate for greater effectiveness in running the system of government in Africa, agents of goodwill and professionalism, publishers of journals and researches at its very best, purveyors of progressive theory and practice and providers of framework of practice and comparative experiences. AIPA leaders and managers believe that by embracing new ideas, addressing key public service issues and promoting change at the local, national and continental levels, the institute can enhance the quality of administration of public affairs and predispose governments to offer greater results to the citizens.

AIPA is the largest and most prominent broadly based learning organization in Public Administration in Africa. It has a diverse membership of professionals and practitioners, academicians and students, including certified professionals and fellows of the institute. AIPA serves as the principal arena for linking theory and practice within the field of public administration in Africa and easily the platform for high level networking amongst persons and peers who run the administration of institutions, businesses, organizations and governments at all levels in the continent.

We have professional short courses and other learning interactions to sharpen the edge of members and non members and bring their skill, capacity or competency up-to-speed with global best trending practices. The Institute has some signature events including fellowship master class, on quarterly basis which is induction lectures and workshops for those elevated or scaled through as Fellows of the Institute (FAI). We also recognize distinguished persons of repute who have track records of transformational leadership in their endeavors with the honorary doctorate award of Doctor of Public Administration (DPA), a product we developed with our learning institutions and partners.

All our members, fellows and honorary awardees receive digital or printable copies of our journals and publications from time to time. We also welcome scholarly researched articles from across the continent amongst practitioners/professionals and academicians for inclusion in our publications. Our goal is to show cross-country experiences and the underlining experiences for country level lessons and a way of sensitizing all professionals in the field across multiple dimensions on the theory and practice of public administration in making governments more competitive and growth-driven in Africa,


AIPA is proud of its contributions to public sector, development in Africa. With members and alumni from across the Continents, AIPA is comprised of Country Chapters, partners and other supporters as one body, We stimulate dialogue on relevant issues, foster professional development, network for information exchange and career growth, promote excellence in the public service and recognize achievements recorded by leaders and administrators in the management of our affairs.

AIPA is a symbol of your organization’s support for excellence in public service. Alumni, members or country level chapters receive discounts on events and services and are among the first to hear about special opportunities. Further, academic institutions can make the most of AIPA membership to their graduate students and faculty, as well as to receive discounts on a variety of advertising opportunities. This is a connection with real world practice at early stage.

To learn more about organizational membership, contact our membership desk, click on the membership button or chat us up on whatsapp.